Gran Turismo® Sport 10/25/2019Jaguar Unveils Its Vision Gran Turismo Coupe, Comes to GT Sport in November. Jaguar has revealed its car for the Vision Gran Turismo project in a live event at the GT Sport World Tour in Tokyo. It’s called the Jaguar Vision GT Coupe, and it’s the brand’s idea of what an all-electric sports coupe of the near future could look like. Jaguar says that the cars has taken design inspiration from its classic racing heritage of the 1950s and 1960s, while the technology underneath derives from its Formula E and I-PACE eTROPHY race cars.Gran Turismo® Sport 10/24/2019GT Sport Update Arrives Next Week, Brings At Least 4 New Cars. The confirmation came by the usual source of Kazunori Yamauchi’s own Twitter account. There the Polyphony Digital studio head confirmed not only the approximate timing, but some of the content too..Gran Turismo® Sport 10/14/2019Gran Turismo Sport Survey Reveals Toyota GR Supra Gr.4 Will Come Soon. In a rare example of Polyphony Digital seeking direct player feedback, the studio has made a player survey available. The survey is directly linked to the Toyota GR Supra and, in particular, the GR Supra GT Cup which will reach its conclusion in a live final later in the month.Gran Turismo® Sport 09/14/2019Turkish-German driver Mikail Hizal has won the Nations Cup event at the World Tour in Salzburg, claiming his spot in the FIA Online Championship final in Monaco in November.Gran Turismo® Sport 08/25/2019Brazil’s Igor Fraga has taken his second successive World Tour Nations Cup victory, after a highly controversial final race in New York. Fraga won the race by just over five seconds from Germany’s Mikail Hizal, but that margin was rendered much smaller thanks to a post-race penalty for the world champion. Gran Turismo® Sport 08/24/2019Team Mercedes-Benz — Anthony Felix (USA), Cody Latkovski (AUS), and Bernal Valverde (COS) — has won the Manufacturer Series title at the third World Tour event, in New York City.Gran Turismo® Sport 08/23/2019Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed in a presentation in New York that the new brand partner for the GT Sport FIA-Certified Online Championships is Michelin. The French tire giant follows the FIA itself, TAG Heuer, and Toyota in becoming official partners for the flagship esports tournament. It also becomes the technical partner of tire technology for GT Sport. (GTPlanet) Gran Turismo® Sport 08/14/2019It's official, Race Online Hungary is bringing the only racing simulator game to V4 Future Sports Budapest on 21-22 September. Gran Turismo will be the official racing simulator game at V4 Future Sports. Online qualifying and dates coming soon.Gran Turismo® Sport 07/30/2019Announcement regarding the Gran Turismo Sport 1.42 update. Based on the data from the GTSH ranking developed by ROH, earlier we released information about the dates and certain content of the upcoming updates. 3 days ago we reported - on different channels - on the August 27 release date and possible content of the 1.42 update. According to the latest data received yesterday the release date of the update has been changed. Since this change occured right after the international press coverage - and in an unusual way - there is a possible correlation between them. At this point - since it’s a matter of credibility - we don’t want to further comment the update details of the data recorded by us. Regarding the rainy conditions we know that it is currently activated but still not linked to a track. This means that it is currently only probable.